November 22, 2019 3 min read

There are many decisions to make when selecting a suit and we are here to share some of the best important things to consider. So whether you have an interview, an important meeting, or just want to look and feel your best amongst your colleagues, you can never go wrong with a well-fitted suit.
  • Quality

The quality of any potential suit has to be one of your main priorities. When you think about it, you’ll likely be wearing your suit for the entire day on the days you wear it. The last thing you want, then, is a poor quality suit that looks and feels budget.

  • Comfort

You don’t want a suit that’s uncomfortable. It makes your entire day a struggle as you’re continuously battling with the tight shoulders, sweaty armpits and dodgy trousers. Instead, you need to take some time to find the most comfortable suit that you can. A good comfortable suit is one of those things that is difficult to put a price tag on because it really can completely change the entire experience of wearing one.

  • Material

The material is what will separate good from bad when it comes to suits. Suits can be made from a wide array of material or fabric. From cotton to cashmere, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your price range, and still get the best one for that budget. On the more expensive end, you’ll be looking at silk, velvet or cashmere. These are all considered some of the most luxurious options for suit materials, and will probably only be available for those willing to separate with quite a bit of cash. The best designer suits will be made from velvet or cashmere because they guarantee such a high level of quality, durability, and comfort.

  • Occasion

Some of us will wear suits on a daily basis for work, especially if we’re in a corporate job. For those of you, you’ll be more likely to be on the lookout for some high-end suits. Why wouldn’t you? You’re in them all day, every day, and it’s how everyone sees you. If you’ve been invited to a black tie evening dinner, then you’ll probably want to ensure that you go out there and buy a tux and a bow tie. Similarly, if it’s a wedding, then you can probably get away with any sort of 3 piece of suit that allows you to combine style and comfort. Much of your selection will be dependent on the occasion your suit is for, and that’s why you need to plan accordingly.

  • Value

You want to make sure that you’re getting a suit that has great value. The perfect suit does not need to cost you in excess of thousands of dollars. You can genuinely find it for a lot less. Obviously, there are levels to this. You don’t want to go out there and buy a suit that costs you about 20 bucks because it’s likely to be awful. However, you can certainly find ones that are affordable, stylish and comfortable.

  • Fit

The fit is massively important because there are so many different fits to choose from these days. Getting the right fit for your body type, though, can be more of an art than it is a luxury. You have regular, tailored, slim and skinny fits to choose from, and perhaps even more. The one thing you want to avoid is picking out a suit size just because it fits. There’s a difference between one that fits and one that either leaves the jacket hanging over your hands. Or even worse, a suit that makes you look like a human coat hanger.

  • Style

When choosing a suit, you’ve got many styles to choose from. The style will come down to a combination of personal preferences and occasion wear.