Pedicallus - Electric Vacuum Cleaner Foot Grinder

Pamper yourself in solitude. Pedicallus brings the salon-like pedicure right in the comfort of your home. Watch your feet metamorphose after years of callused, dry skin give way to your healthy pinkish feet. 

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: Uses nano-abrasion technology to buff away layers of old skin, revealing younger, smoother, and healthier feet worthy of flip-flops again. 
  • Painless: Gently exfoliates without irritation or cuts, letting you experience pain-free scrubbing. 
  • A Walk In Clouds: As you glide over, muscles get stimulated, giving you a soothing massage that will take you to Pedi Heaven! 
  • Walk Away From Dirty Work: Shavings get sucked up by the vacuum chamber, sparing you from cleaning up.
  • Looks Professionally Done: Magically does the job like a pro. Saves you cost and time from regular spa trips. 
  • Footloose: Portable for packing, you can readily file down rough, heinous scales wherever you go.
  • Steady Speed: Powerful spin doesn’t stop when pushed down to get stubborn calluses. No interruptions no matter how much pressure you put in.
  • ABS + Electronic Components + Aviation quartz sand
  • Package Size:16 × 13 × 6.5cm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Pedicallus Electric Foot Grinder / 1 x USB charging cable / 1x Coarse quartz grinding head / 1 x Superfine quartz grinding head for raised dead skin / 1 x Removable flushing grinding head / 4 x AAA Batteries / 1 x Cleaning brush