Photo Friend - Portable Folding Lightbox

Make all of your photos stylish & captivating

Wouldn't you love to take every photo in a perfectly lit studio? Photo Friend lets you take perfect pictures no matter where you go!

In today's digitally savvy world, regular smartphone photos simply won't do. What you need are clean, crisp, professional looking catalog-style product photos!

Introducing Photo Friend, designed for photography enthusiasts, online sellers, students, handcrafters, advertisers and more!

  • INSTANT GALLERY — Uses mini USB power. No local plugset needed, just connect to your own USB adapter (iPhone/Android charger), display — and shoot!
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE — Effective & ergonomic design makes assembly a breeze — You can literally build up a photo studio ANYWHERE within 10 seconds!
  • MULTIPLE ANGLES — Featuring two openings so you can take pictures from any angle. 
  • NO UNFLATTERING SHADOWS — Built with an LED panel of bright white beads to eliminate unflattering shadows and reflections, no need for additional lighting!
  • CHANGEABLE BACKDROP — Comes with 4 EVA backgrounds in varying colors and one black velvet background to suit your needs, perfect for photographing small products such as toys, jewelry, accessories, gadgets, and more!
    • Material: Acrylic + ABS plastic
    • Box Size: 24.5 x 23.8 x 22.3 cm / 9.6"x 9.3" x 8.7"
    • Backdrop Size: 48x21 cm / 18.9 "* 8.3"
    • Weight: 0.25 lbs
    • Power Supply: 5 V 1 A
    • Package Includes: 1 LED Lightbox, 1 USB cable, 1 White background, 1 Black background